Harley-Davidson® of Erie Service Department

At Harley-Davidson® of Erie, our reputation is our guarantee.

Our bright, clean service department and storage area covers over 20,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art specialty tools and electronic diagnostic equipment. It features a combined total of over 50 years of Harley-Davidson® mechanical experience backed by PHD® factory trained technicians. We are continually upgrading our knowledge through factory-sponsored education programs and online testing, so as new products and technology develop our skills remain at the highest level of accuracy to better serve our customers.

As Erie, Pennsylvania’s ONLY authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, we will look after all your service needs from factory warranty, to extended service, to preventative maintenance. We strive to provide our customers with the very best in Harley-Davidson service at a fair price, and we value your business and commitment to the Harley-Davidson family.



Need Warranty Work Done? Not a problem!

Harley-Davidson® factory warranties can be honored at any H-D® dealership! If you have a potential warranty issue with your motorcycle that needs addressed please stop in and discuss it with our service professionals Dylan or Michael!

We handle claims for all Harley-Davidson® factory warranties and extended service plans.

You can also contact us via e-mail clicking button below.

Ever wonder what a scheduled maintenance for your motorcycle really consists of?

Well, its more than just an oil change! Our technicians follow Harley-Davidson® service operation guidelines to ensure that when your motorcycle leaves here it has been maintained to the level that you would expect from a factory trained Harley-Davidson® dealership. We reference a service checklist that is exactly the same as the one listed in your owners manual and use only Genuine Harley-Davidson® factory parts and lubricants. This insures that your bike is getting the proper service materials designed for it's best overall performance.

  1. Inspect rear brake reservoir for proper level.
  2. Check rear air suspension pressure, operations, leakage.
  3. Lubricate the fuel door, tour-pak carrier, and saddlebag hinges, latches, and locks.
  4. Check battery and clean connections.
  5. Inspect fuel lines and fittings for leaks, contact, or abrasion.
  6. Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.
  7. Inspect front brake reservoir for proper lever.
  8. Inspect and lubricate brake and clutch hand levers.
  9. Check operation of all electrical equipment, lighting, and consoles.
  10. Lubricate steering head bearings.
  11. Inspect front brake pads and discs. Ensure pad thickness is within specification. Inspect front brake lines for leaks, contact, or abrasions.
  12. Inspect front tire tread depth and air pressure; adjust as needed. Check torque of all spokes (if equipped).
  13. Remove and replace oil filter.
  14. Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand.
  15. Drain and replace engine oil; examine condition. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature.
  16. Inspect oil lines for leaks, contact or abbrasions.
  17. Drain and replace transmission lubricant. Examine fluid condition. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to proper specification.
  18. Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel sprocket.
  19. Inspect rear tire tread depth and air pressure; adjust as needed. Check torque of all spokes (if equipped).
  20. Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.
  21. Inspect rear brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specification. Inspect rear brake line for leaks, contacts, or abbrasions.
  22. Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant; inspect condition. Replace drain plug o-ring and torque to proper specification.
  23. Inspect clutch assembly adjustment. Ensure adjuster screw free-play and locknut torque.
Service Plan Big Twin Sportster
1k Service: $460.00 $315.00
5k Service: $460.00 $315.00
10k Service: $460.00 $315.00
15k Service: $460.00 $315.00
20k Service: $530.00 $315.00
25k Service: $765.00 $495.00


Service Pricing

For specific pricing details please contact our service consultants Dylan or Michael clicking button below or (814) 838-1356.

All service prices include engine, primary, and transmission fluid change with Syn3. Prices are based on 2019 models and do not include incidentals such as air filter replacement, brake pads,wear items, etc...

Tri Glide® models require additional time: call for specific details and pricing.

State Inspections

There is no appointment needed for state inspections for 2 wheeled motorcycles. Just ride in and we can usually have you back out riding in around 30 - 45 min. For Tri-Glide® models we ask that you schedule appointments for State Inspections due to the added time needed for the procedure.

Don't forget to bring your current state registration & insurance cards.

Inspection Cost: $53.52 (2 or 3 wheeled motorcycles)

We can inspect motorcycles up to 2 months before the sticker expires.

Harley-Davidson® of Erie Collision Center

At Harley-Davidson® all of our technicians are trained in collision repair and capable of handling whatever your project calls for. If it's just a dent in a fender or a frame up rebuild we are prepared to take the necessary steps to fix your Harley® right the first time. We aim to handle your claim in a quality and timely fashion to help you retain as much of the riding season as possible.

We accept all customers' insurance companies and will gladly handle the interaction between those companies and your motorcycles repair so you don't have to be the middleman. We will keep you updated as your Harley® progresses through the repair process so you stay informed of its current status. Our first goal is repairing your Harley® back to its original condition so you can leave here feeling like your accident was just a small bump in the road.

If you find yourself needing our collision repair services just give us a call and we'll help turn your bump in the road into smooth blacktop.

Pick-up and Delivery Service

If you're having trouble finding the time to get your Harley® in for service, give us a call! We can arrange to pick your Harley® up at your location and return it safely back to you once your service work has been performed. Whether you're getting routine maintainence, adding some great new H-D® accessories, or installing that big bore kit you don't want your friends to know about, our pick up/delivery service might offer you the time savings you've been looking for!

General pickup or delivery prices

 up to 10 miles - $30.00  10-20 miles - $60.00  20-30 miles - $90.00  30-40 miles - $120.00  40+ miles - Call for pricing

Prices listed are for one way hauling. For specific pricing contact our service department at (814) 838-1356 or email.


24 Hour Towing Assistance (814) 636-0500

If you find yourself needing to get your motorcycle towed to our facility but it is after regular store hours, you can contact Eddies Collectibles for assistance. They are a locally owned business that has towing vehicles specifically set up for hauling motorcycles so you don't have to worry about your Harley® being damaged in the process. They can arrange for your bike to be stored safely overnight and delivered here the following morning for repairs.